Foods that take longer to digest, help produce more heat

Winters can be cosy and warm under a blanket with your favourite book in hand. Or they can become difficult if you are freezing under low temperature. If the weather is too cold for you to bear, there are some hacks you can follow. Did you know that there are certain foods that can heat up the body? Yes, you heard it right. Certain foods can stimulate the body to undergo thermogenesis. It is a process in which organisms produce necessary heat inside their bodies. When the temperature gets colder, it’s better to resort to food that facilitate this process in the body.

According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, foods that take longer to digest, help produce more heat. In a video, she said, “In general, foods that take longer in your body to digest, raise your body temperature more and therefore help you feel warmer.”

She did not leave us at that. The nutritionist told about three foods that can help in the process of thermogenesis.

1) Ginger

You all know that ginger is a great digestive aid. But did you know that it can also help increase the temperature of your body? Pooja Makhija said, “Not only is it a great digestive aid but it is also known as a diaphoretic which means it makes you feel warm from the inside.”

2) Red meat

Red meat has its negative impacts if consumed in excess. But if you remain mindful of the quantity of red meat you are consuming, it can work for your benefit, especially during the winters. What’s the secret? Beef, pork and mutton have great iron content. This iron content helps transport oxygen all throughout the body through our blood vessels. The nutritionist commented how people with low haemoglobin levels often feel very cold. It’s majorly due to the low iron content in the body.

3) Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are in season during the cold months. But they aren’t the only options you got. “All root vegetables take longer in your digestive system,” said Pooja Makhija. This produces more energy in the body and helps you keep warmer.

Here is Pooja Makhija’s video:

The nutritionist captioned the video, “And there are many more foods that work from the inside to raise body temperature.”

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