Jazzsoni on Instagram is where we go when we want a good injection of on-trend glamour. She’s all about the elevated stapes: Think floral dresses, jumpsuits, designer handbags, high end makeup and plenty of dreamy footwears.

She is a mother of two beautiful daughters, living in New Delhi with her family. Just like many Instagram influencers, she shares her personal stories about the fashion, makeup & parenting life. This is her full-time job after she quit a corporate job with 9 years of experience. Now she earns from Instagram as she is a well recognised influencer with over 30,000 followers.

You can find many of cute photos with her husband Amit and other sponsored posts of hers all over her social channels.

She also owns a YouTube channel where in you can find many makeup tutorials.

Words From The Influencer –  “I feel like there’s no greater joy than being yourself and being happy with the way you are. It’s totally OK to be inspired by someone but always remember to be original.”

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